America Speaks: Grow America Stronger with Quality Early Childhood Education

Across the country people are taking a stand to ensure children get a strong start in life. Read the stories; see what states are doing and learn what voters are saying.

In The Media

Strengthen families. Improve school readiness. Prevent the achievement gap. Reduce deficit spending. Grow the economy. Every day, the news shows that Americans are turning to early childhood education as a solution.

Press Articles And Counting

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States Take Action

Red state, blue state, quality early childhood education has become a priority investment in almost every state around the country. States are taking action, but they can’t possibly serve the number of children in need unless the federal government does its part to help expand and improve local early childhood education programs.

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Voter Demand

Quality early childhood education is the one issue on which Democrats, Republicans and Independents agree.

  • 54%Republicans
  • 70%Independents
  • 91%Democrats

Source: Public Opinion Strategies • Hart Research Associates.

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